High temperature iberglass Cloth
1) Woven from best quality texturized glass fiber yarn
2) High quality, warm keeping thermal insulator, it is the ideal substitute of the asbestos cloth
3) Used for anticorrosion, corrosion resistance and insulation of pipes and storage tank in power stations, oil fields, chemical plant, paper mill and environment protection projection where highly corrosive mediums are present. It can also be used in the construction work involving reinforced plastics
4) The texturized fiberglass cloth can be offered to insert the copper wire (or nickel
wire, stainless steel wire)
5) The surface of the texturized glass fiber cloth with rubber can be offered
(1) Anticorrosion: first remove the rust of the pipeline, and wrap it in the outer layer of the pipeline with suitable density fiber cloth and asphalt coating or other products.
(2) insulation: the anti-corrosion treatment of the pipeline, with insulation or insulation pipe wrapped, with suitable width suitable for density of fiber cloth, wrapped in the insulation layer and then brush paint or directly wrapped on the asphalt cloth can be.
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